TwinPeople is a freeware service able to provide semantic correlation and recommend web pages in a fast and accurate way. With your web site will automatically suggest correlated articles.
Thanks to an innovative technology, guarantees more relevant conceptual associations compared to other conventional information retrieval and tag systems.
In fact is based on a powerful semantic correlation engine, leader in Italy, capable of relating digital content through text meaning.
Offer your users an additional high-quality service:
- Increase number of page views.
- Boost your traffic up to 20%,
- Decrease your bounce rate.


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Obtain useful users data for effective profiling and advertising customization. Detailed information improves customer loyalty and profits.

Want to know your users better?


  • freeware
  • fast activation
  • results visible in 24 hours
  • correlates different web sites within a network
  • completely automatic
  • totally customizable
  • optional business mode

Business mode allows you to publish sponsored links among correlated articles, and is completely optional.

A new way to advertise. is able to suggest sponsored links according to content and customized ads in line with users’ choices.
  • Increase pages views up to 20%
  • Decrease bounce rate
  • Provide an additional high quality service
  • Boost profits through customized advertising
  • Obtain users data for free
  • Improve customer loyalty
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